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How To Set Custom White Balance

Some of you may have heard Marco talk about how useful Custom White Balance is in comparison to Auto White Balance or the Kelvin setting in your camera. This past year we ran tests and used Custom White Balance in our photography, and we loved it! The issue with using Auto White Balance is that this function in your camera is adjusting the white balance from shot to shot depending on what colors the camera’s sensors see. The end result from one image to another vary and are not consistent. Adjusting an Auto White Balance camera roll in post-processing is a time consuming process and needs to be done image by image. Using the Custom White Balance disc will set your camera’s white balance one time; it stays the same until the setting is manually changed again. This allows all images to have the same color. Even if post-processing is needed, you will only need to adjust one image and then apply it to the rest. Check out the difference between using Custom White Balance and Auto White Balance:

Using Custom White Balance is simple and can save lab time since there will be fewer color variations in your images. With the use of a white balance disc (available on amazon), you will see the difference in color and skin tone at the camera and in the finished printed product.

Check out our easy step-by-step video on how to use the Custom White Balance disc and how to set the Custom White Balance on a Canon 80D.

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